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JP name アキコ
Gender Female
Race Android
Voice actor JP: Yukana
EN: Cassandra Lee Morris
Anime Episode 01

Akiko (アキコ) is a supporting character in Eve no Jikan. She is an android and a regular at the Time of Eve.

Personality Edit

When at Time of Eve, she is very kind, energetic and talkative, at times talking so fast and so much that people can't keep up with her. Because of her bright personality, it immediately shocked both Rikuo and Masaki since androids normally exhibit no emotion when they are serving their masters. Her main reason for coming to the cafe is to understand what others think of her, as she is an android and wishes to help her family but is aware they don't feel the same way. As she describes, androids look like humans but are different inside and she wants to understand them because they are her family.

Plot Edit

There is no episode focusing on her, so she mostly appears as a background character but helps serve as a starting point for Rikuo to see androids differently, as her bright personality fooled him to think she was a human so he was devastated upon finding out she wasn't. Still he grows to see her as a friend and equal and she in turn acknowledges him as her friend, smiling as she passes by them in school despite being an android and avoiding showing expression so as to not distress others.