Androids (アンドロイド andoroido), also known as humanoid robots (人間型ロボット Ningenkei robotto) are the other half of the beings that form a major part of the story in Eve no Jikan.

Developed by Shiotsuki, they were built around 10 years prior to the events of the show. Androids are bound to follow humans, if they are legally owned by them. They must act according to their master's commands in accordance with the Three Laws of Robotics.

List of known androids Edit

Appearance Edit

Androids appear the same as humans, but with their signature halo. The halo is a removable circular band of messages that hovers over the bearer's head. Androids are required to wear it in public.

It remains unknown if androids can change their clothing at will. Instances of shopping for androids, however, implying the possibility of the same.

Personality Edit

Outside the cafe, androids do not show any kind of emotion on their face in front of humans. Love between androids in thought to be non-existent.

At the cafe, androids exhibit all characteristics that humans do. They show different emotions and have all kinds of different expressions. Rina and Koji, two androids that think of the other to be a human, eventually develop feelings for each other, indicating the possibility of existence of love between androids.