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JP name チエ
Gender Female
Race Human
Voice actor JP: Miyuki Sawashiro
EN: Alice A. Johnson
Anime Episode 02

Chie (チエ) is one of the minor characters in Eve no Jikan. A young girl of about four, she is the foster child of Shimei.

She has light-brown hair and large eyes that are a darker brown. She wears a light-pink dress and a bulky white collar.

Chie is very energetic and tends to be upbeat and happy. She acts like a child in many ways, stealing very items from the customers at the cafe, such as when she stole Rikuo's glasses. She would also make a point of saying she was a cat throughout the entire series.

Chie is very close to Shimei, and became extremely distraught when he left her to go for repairs. The two are usually seen together, and Shimei treats Chie with a lot of tenderness, as if she were his own child.