Humans (人 hito) form a major part of the story in Eve no Jikan. They supervise androids and are formally called as masters (マスタ masuta) by them. They possess the ability to command androids if legally owned. Androids are bound to follow their instructions in accordance with the Three Laws of Robotics.

List of known humans Edit

Appearance Edit

Humans appear the same as androids, but without the signature halo.

Personality Edit

A majority of humans tend to remain hostile towards androids. They treat them as objects of use. They perceive friendly relationships with androids as a threat to their existence, due to which anti-robotic organizations such as Ethics Committee came into existence.

A certain group of humans, usually referred to as android-holics, treat androids like they are humans. They are polite and kind towards them and do not prefer to distinctly distinguish between themselves and androids. In the stereotypical view, android holics were perceived to be unfit for treating androids on equal terms as themselves and their increasing numbers were "not good" for the society.