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Eve no Jikan (イヴの時間 Ivu no Jikan, lit. Time of Eve) is set in the distant future where androids have come into common usage. The story revolves around Rikuo Sakisaka, a student who takes androids for granted for his entire life. One day he notices his household android, Sammy acting independently. He finds a strange phase recorded in her activity log: "Are you enjoying The Time of Eve?". Along with his friend Masakazu Masaki, Rikuo traces Sammy's movements to an unusual cafe, Time of Eve. Nagi, a worker of the cafe, informs them about the only rule of the place: "No discrimination between humans and androids". While the two initially think of the place to be a threat for humanity, they eventually become a regular at the cafe. With each visit they discover more about the other regulars at the cafe. However, an unknown organization keeps its eye on the growing bonds of humans and androids within the cafe.

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