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Rikuo Sakisaka
Rikuo Sakisaka
JP name 向坂リクオ
Gender Male
Race Human
Voice actor JP: Jun Fukuyama
EN: Yuri Lowenthal
Anime Episode 01

Rikuo Sakisaka (向坂リクオ Sakisaka Rikuo) is one of the main characters and the primary protagonist of Eve no Jikan.

He is a patron of the titular cafe, and best friend to Masakazu Masaki and brother of Naoko Sakisaka. He is the master of Sammy the android, who is also a patron of the cafe.

At first, he shows ambivalence towards his android, and often scorn when she changes his usual blend of coffee for the Eve blend that he orders frequently at the cafe.

He is a talented pianist, but quit playing before the beginning of the series due to witnessing a robot play beautifully, making him question the value and uniqueness of human talent and forcing him to ask the question, if an android can do an activity as well as a human and even passionately, does that mean an android has character and a soul? As he is distrustful of androids, he assumes this cannot be true, so concludes the piano is simply a worthless activity.

Towards the end of his story, he becomes much more compassionate towards the androids and even begins to befriend Sammy, even complimenting her untrained but sincere attempt to play the piano after hearing his own music.

He is near-sigthed with a field of view of just 0.1.