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Sammy casual

JP name サミィ
Gender Female
Race Android
Voice actor JP: Rie Tanaka
EN: Elizabeth Boyle
Anime Episode 01

Sammy (サミィ Samyi) is one of the main characters in Eve no Jikan. She is the household android of Rikuo Sakisaka.

Sammy is revealed to be more than the android servant of Rikou, and actually cares for him greatly.

She changes the blend of his coffee early on in the series when she finds out he is particularly fond of the Eve blend that is the signature dish of the cafe. She is also a patron of the cafe and her behavior logs are what points Rikou to its location in the first place.

As the behavior logs feature not just a location, but also a message in plain English (Are you enjoying the Time of Eve?), and Nagi is very secretive about how she invites new people to the secret cafe, it may be hinted at that she adds these logs to the androids who have complained about their more distrusting masters, in order to bring them there and open their minds, although this is never confirmed in the series.

She is revealed to have been practicing the piano because Rikou stopped playing, and she missing hearing his music. She even hides from him in the cafe when he enters as she believes that he isn't ready to accept her as a person.

The series ends with Sammy playing the piano without knowing that Rikou is watching and yet he doesn't scold her, having learned compassion towards androids. He even follows her performance with his own and they both rejoice in their shared love of music.

In one episode, Rikou suggest Masaki return to the cafe after a long absence, and hints that Sammy is among those who has asked for him, but Masaki becomes defensive in an attempt to show he is no Andorid-Holic. This may hint that Masaki feels some attraction to Sammy. Although this is not confirmed, since others in their class were whispering about how Rikou was lucky to have such a "cute android" and Masaki does not actually hate robots, it is possible.